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Who We Are

Nukleus is a brand with a mission - to put sustainability at the heart of contemporary fashion. We use business to create solutions to issues of social and environmental justice. We use fashion to empower customers, through their purchase, to do something good for people and the environment. We don’t have a fancy CSR strategy, and we are not just another brand. We exist for a reason - to create everyday solutions for amazing people - our customers.

We know that consumers want toxic-free products, for the sake of their own health and that of the planet. That’s what Nukleus does best. Simple, stylish, ethical basics with the peace of mind that they are not costing the earth. We believe that by dealing fairly with farmers, factory workers and everyone else involved in the supply chain, we are helping to create a truly sustainable business.

Using innovative and sustainable production methods, we make underwear and basics from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, Lenzing Tencel and organic bamboo.

Our purpose is to provide a healthy and sustainable fashion choice for the consumers, the planet and the people involved in the production chain. For this to happen, sustainability, as well as fashion, is in the brand’s DNA.

Why Is This Important ?

We love to buy clothes. However very few people are aware of the adverse impact of clothing on the environment and our society. Indeed, the fashion industry is the second most polluted industry in the world, behind oil and gas.

Take cotton as an example, the most widely consumed clothing material in the world.

Behind the innocent image of a conventional cotton tee or pair of jeans, there is a vast and hidden transnational empire affecting tens of millions of people, and vast tracts of land and water across the planet. From sweatshop factories to GMO seeds. From farmer suicides to chemicals polluting rivers and groundwater. From seed to shop, the negative impacts of conventional cotton production are harming people and damaging the environment.

Most consumers are not aware of these tremendous social and environmental impacts, and the potential impacts on their own health of chemical residues.

Conventional cotton is processed using yet more toxic chemicals and water polluting dyes. All of the chemicals used in producing and processing conventional cotton have health implications, from fertility to cancers to allergies.

At Nukleus, we care about the health of our customers. We believe that no one should take unnecessary risks with their health. Our organic cotton underwear and basics keep you and your family safe because it doesn’t contain toxic chemical residues from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and it is produced in an ecologically-safe way.

At Nukleus, we also care about the people who grow and make our clothes. We believe in paying our farmers a fair price, so they don’t get in debt to money lenders.

We believe that our factory workers should have clean, safe and healthy working and living conditions, with time off and a living wage.

We believe children should be in schools learning, not in factories working. And we believe that these values and basic human decency are important to running a business, and to our customers.

Our mission at Nukleus is to empower consumers to make educated, thoughtful and ethical choices about the clothes they wear next to their skin, and to make a stand for their health, the environment and social justice, by purchasing organically produced underwear and basics.


We all want to look presentable, with comfortable stylish clothes. And the peace of mind comes from knowing that our shopping has not contributed to the serious problems which the planet is facing. And that the clothes we wear, as well as being fashionable, have been ethically sourced and produced. This is where Nukleus comes in.

Colorful, soft and stylish, Nukleus contemporary classics say I want to be part of a better world, starting with the basics.

Our Values

All organizations have values, implicit, explicit or both. Values contribute to the brand, the company culture and why people buy a particular product, rather than something similar.

At Nukleus we understand that you’re concerned about the impacts of your purchases, and we do our best to make our products as environmentally and socially just as possible.

For us, being successful in business does not mean we give up all moral values. It means we have an opportunity to use the brand to promote environmental and social justice.

The people who produce the cotton we use are people, just like us. Farmers and factory workers have their hopes, fears, dreams and responsibilities, like us. They have families, concerns about schooling for their kids or relatives. They may be worried about a sick relative, they may be looking forward to a celebration, a wedding, religious festival, or a birthday.

These people are trying to lead decent lives, like us...paying bills, cooking food, looking after kids or older relatives, trying to figure out life on a daily basis, the way we all are.

Recognizing our common humanity means that we MUST treat each other with respect and dignity...not just our close family, relatives, colleagues and friends, but those whose labor we rely on to make our products. They may live in different countries, with different customs and beliefs, but under the skin, we are all the same. We can all experience, hunger, pain, joy and delight. We can be energized or exhausted, happy or depressed. We all bleed.

This recognition of our common humanity is key to the values we espouse in our working life and in our relationship with the producers and workers in the supply chain. And it’s not just about people, but about the environment too. From soil, to water, to air, to the myriad creatures and organisms which make up the biosphere, we don’t see the planet as an infinite resource to be used up, polluted then discarded, in the quest for profit. It’s a precious place, and it’s our duty not to wreck it with dangerous chemicals or by using up natural resources.

This planet is a beautiful place, and it's our responsibility not to destroy it as we do business. Being an ethical company, being values‐driven, means that we don’t have a gimmicky ‘looking good’ approach to CSR. It’s in our organizational DNA, as important to us as the air we breathe.

Integrity means walking the talk of fairness. We strive to be fair, to producers, customers, and the environment. Maybe we don’t always get everything right. We’re in a process of evolution. It’s a steep learning curve, but our commitment is to continue to learn and improve.

And yes, we’re also about fashion, fun, and lifestyle. We want you to like our products, enjoy them and recommend them to your friends. But most of all we want you to be confident that Nukleus products are not costing the earth. In our own small way, we hope to be a force for good, for positive change. We want to use the power of the brand to educate and influence ALL our stakeholders: suppliers, distributors, employees, to understand the value of what we all do on a daily basis.

We want to use the power of the brand to help people and the environment. Yes, being organic, sustainable and committed to social and environmental justice is a powerful marketing tool. But, more than that, we believe that a brand has a responsibility, a strategic imperative to be ‘green’.

Sustainability is more a journey than a destination. Here at Nukleus we are on that journey. Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s inspiring...but most of all it’s a commitment to walk the talk of sustainability and do as much as we possibly can to help people and the environment. We are honored to have your company and support on this great adventure.

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